Property Pal

Property Management just became fun and easy! Sorry Mr. Clipboard R.I.P. 1920-Jan 4, 2012, you've been replaced by Property Pal!


Protect Your Investment

What started as a brilliant idea in a Chico, CA property management office has quickly developed into an application that will change the entire industry. Designed by property managers for property managers, Property Pal is also an asset for residents and private property owners looking to protect their investment.

We created Property Pal to save time, save money, and protect your investment. We have spent over a year developing this app to be the best option for you at an a amazing price. It was created to not crash, be super detailed, clean, and extremely user friendly. We already have the foundation laid down for many more releases, adding many more features, and different features like our corporate version, unit by unit inspections, courtesy forms, and paperless move-ins. All of these are in the works and will continuously be added over the next 6 months. Some of these will be options for in app upgrades. We encourage you to e-mail us with your suggestions. We have already added some of your suggestions. We have been selling Property Pal across the nation and have been recieving amazing feedback and suggestions and our goal is is to maintain this high quality.

This  iPad®, iPhone® and iTouch® application makes property management a snap by revolutionizing the way managers and agents perform their job. The app allows residents, property owners and property managers to digitally file and store all move-in inspection forms. Nothing is written down or printed out, saving companies thousands of dollars in paper and time.

Instead of writing the exact condition of each area of the home, Property Pal allows rental agents to select multiple options, e.g. clean, dusty, needs repair. Notes can also be added for more detail. A picture can say a thousand words, and an unlimited number of photos can be included with a Property Pal inspection. Property Pal also goes through all three stages of a move-in: Move-in, pre-inspection, and Move-out, while maintaining all of the same pictures, notes and original conditions through each stage. All of this information is consolidated into one PDF file, which can be emailed to all residents, maintenance staff, painters, property managers, cleaners, owners, and then stored. The app also supports modification tracking, for any repairs made throughout the process.


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